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Choosing the dress, asking bridesmaids, picking your location, deciding on the cake… but after the cake has been eaten, the toasts made and the dress packed away, all you have left are the memories and your wedding photographs. That is why it is important that you pick a professional. Weddings are my favorite thing to capture. I am passionate about making your images and your day relaxing, fun and memorable. Your wedding is a celebration of  life that is distinct to you and your faith, family and culture. It is my job to capture its beauty in a natural, comfortable, and fun way that ensures a successful, unique outcome. I strive to preserve the natural flow of the wedding day by shooting in an unobtrusive, documentary style. I shoot fast to capture people in their element before they notice the camera being turned on them. I am always looking for great moments unfolding. My job is to anticipate them and position myself accordingly so that I am in the right place at the right time. The result is a beautiful story that you will be proud to show off for the rest of your lives.